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– Parque Experimental El Eco


Esta intervención no es más que una parte pequeña de la continua investigación sobre el espacio, por lo que documentaremos y publicaremos información relacionada al tema que nombramos “infraestructura cotidiana”.

For these micro public space projects, what do you think makes a good public space?

“The quality of public space is up to the peoples’ participation. If all the participants are just a customer it is not a real public space. For example, in a shopping mall there are many people gathering and talking. It looks like public space, but they are just customers. They are all guests. They don’t have any responsibilities to maintain the space. I think that just being in a gathering space is different from participating in the shared space with someone. We have our own programs of what public space is within our body. In the projects on micro public space we try to turn on this program by which individuals can participate in certain contexts. This might be around furniture or a mobile structure which we have produced. So micro means small, but at the same time individual . The smallest public space might be a public space for just one person.”

– Fragmento de una conversación entre Maso White y Yoshiharu Tsukamoto en Archinect